School Board Goals

Goal I: Provide personalized instruction for every student

  • Create standard­ based learning goals and progressions for each course and/or grade level.
  • Create, administer and analyze common assessments to monitor student growth.

Goal II. Prepare 21st Century students to be Career & College ready

  • Identify and articulate new skills necessary for college & career with staff and community.
  • Generate opportunities for students to learn about civic literacy, financial literacy, entrepreneurial literacy, health literacy and, information literacy, media literacy environmental literacy P­12.
  • Students display the life and career skills of self­ direction, flexibility, adaptability, cross­-cultural awareness, responsibility, productivity and accountability.

Goal III. Implement innovative programming

  • Analyze, align and prioritize school programs to meet District direction and goals to encourage collaboration, critical thinking, communication & creativity.
  • Ongoing Support new and existing programs.

Goal IV. Guarantee creative & relevant digital learning opportunities

  • Assess current instructional and technical support infrastructures.
  • Align district and building leadership to drive digital ­age classroom instruction.
  • Provide all teachers with anywhere, just-­in-­time learning, differentiated to meet every need.

Goal V. Communication and Engagement

  • Improve communication and engagement with staff, parents, business and community partners in order to maximize student success.
  • Assure that staff feel valued, informed and prepared to be our number one ambassadors.
  • Recruit students early and continuously improve district wide Tiger Pride.