Welcome to Princeton Public Schools! Our mission is to be an innovative leader in instruction, developing in EVERY learner the ability to succeed in an ever-changing world. We are the TIGERS and we are in this together! Ongoing two-way communication is important to our partnership and teamwork in supporting students and learning. 


All students can learn; all students want to learn. This has been my guiding principle throughout my career. I started my career as a high school health and physical education teacher in the Twin Cities, where I also coached wrestling, football, and track.

Today, my job as Superintendent is not that different from my coaching days. Coaches know that it’s never about them; it’s about the team you build and the collaboration that helps each person grow and rise to the top of their game.

I have been a Superintendent for over 10 years with the past four years at Princeton Public Schools. During my tenure, all of our successes were built on a foundation of teamwork and collaboration. When we all have a shared understanding of our mission, we can do great work together. 

I take great pride in fostering a healthy climate - and one that successfully led our school district through two years+ of a global pandemic. At Princeton Public Schools, we champion a culture that is free from bias, prejudice, and discrimination. The ongoing educational transformations within our schools have focused on best practices, continuous improvement, and personalized support and instruction for students. 

But what I’m most proud of is the team at Princeton Public Schools. We work together to ensure that we develop in EVERY learner the ability to succeed in an ever-changing world. 

Most importantly, our focus remains on the students. I passionately believe in the high value of public education, and I am honored to serve in a District and community that values educational excellence and equal opportunity for every student.

Ben Barton
Superintendent, Princeton Public Schools


picture of Ben Barton the superintendent

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