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Whether you're starting your high school journey or entering your final year, you have a wide range of courses to meet your interests. Take time to think about all the opportunities, consider our Career Academies and opportunities to earn college credits or advanced certifications while in high school, in addition to required course credits.

Talk with your teachers, counselor and parents about what interests you most. Then select your courses —18 credits are required each year. And select five  alternates as well — we do our best to accommodate choices but there are a variety of factors, including student interest and staffing, that go into our final schedule. It is imperative that courses and alternatives are chosen carefully. 

Graduation Requirements

Minnesota Department of Education sets academic standards for students across the state. At Princeton High School students must earn 65 credits to graduate. View the requirements specifically for Princeton High School students. 

Princeton Online Minnesota

Students may choose to supplement their seat-based course schedule with online courses. If you're looking to explore a new learning experience, explore the courses offered through Princeton Online Academy here

Career Academies

The purposes of the Career Academies are to:

  1. Connect students to real-world outside experiences

  2. Make academies viable for all students

  3. Provide a rigorous program with meaning and relevance to the field

  4. Align our current program to the MN career wheel

Explore our different academies and the courses available to you in each one. 


Business, Management,
and Administration Academy

Direct your future in our Business, Management, and Administration Career Academy. 

See your ideas come to life as you explore opportunities to plan, develop, and execute strategies. This pathway will set you on a course straight to the top.

File this thought away: you’ll become an integral part of a business through your skills in marketing, accounting, payroll, entrepreneurship, and more! 

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Information Systems, Communications, and Art Academy

Orchestrate your future in the Information Systems, Communications and Art Career Academy. 

Use your creativity and talents on the job. Whether you prefer behind the scenes or center stage, you’ll find a way to take your talents from the classroom straight to work. 

Become a journalist, a photographer, a musician, an audio/video technologist, a filmmaker. It’s time to write your own score, your future is waiting!

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Manufacturing, and Technology Academy

Build your perfect career with the Engineering, Manufacturing, and Technology Career Academy.

You’ll be hands-on with products and equipment, learning the process from design, engineering, manufacturing, repair, and more. Develop skills that will take you straight to success in your chosen field or college.

Design your pathway in electronics, mechanics, robots!

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Health Science

In our Health Science Career Academy, you’ll keep your finger on the pulse of professional opportunities.

Become a doctor at Princeton Medical Center, a physical therapist, an athletic trainer, a biotechnologist, a clinical researcher, a chiropractor, a nurse, a dentist— you’ll be found wherever you can make a difference in the lives of people.

Explore your interests in health sciences today!

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Agriculture and Natural Resources Academy

Grow your future career from the ground up in the Agriculture and Natural Resources Career Academy.

Explore a range of careers that work with animals, plants and crops, and textiles or forestry. Whether you prefer being outdoors or in the office, you’ll find a career that fits your interests.

Expand your skills in agriculture and conservation today!

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Human Services

Find your calling in our Human Services Career Academy.

You’ll serve your community as a teacher, a counselor, a safety officer, an esthetician, a caregiver, a hospital worker— this pathway will take you from the classroom to a career helping the public.

Nurture your skills in human services and social welfare today!

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Exploring the Course Catalog

There are so many opportunities available for Princeton Tigers! Scroll down to views courses by grade level (9, 10, 11, 12). If you find a class you enjoy, make note of the course number, which you will use to register for the course through Skyward Student Access. 

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Credits per term: 1

1 trimester – IEP Required, IEP and Case Manager Signature Required

  • Individualized Courses
  • Work Experience