The Princeton High School staff believes that regular school attendance is directly related to success in academic work, benefits students socially, provides opportunities for important communications between teachers and students and establishes regular habits of dependability important to the future of the student. The purpose of this plan is to encourage regular school attendance.

Class attendance is a joint responsibility to be shared by the student, parent/guardian, teacher and administrators. These procedures help promote excellent student attendance.

COVID-19 Absences 

Students must stay home from school and notify our Health Office at 763-389-6019 if they: 

  • Have a confirmed case of COVID-19

  • Have one or more symptoms of COVID-19

  • Live with someone who has a confirmed case of COVID-19

Please refer to the Recommended COVID-19 Decision Tree for People in Schools, Youth, and Child Care Programs for further information. We want to stay in communication in order to provide guidance and act as a resource for families when there are questions related to health and safety, specifically related to COVID-19.

Attendance Line


Health Office


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