Graduation Information


Seniors' Last Day

Friday, May 26, is the last day seniors are required to be on campus. Seniors may come to school May 30-31 to report to any class that they need to in order to complete work, take a test, or work with a teacher. Make arrangements with the teacher prior to reporting to school.

Participation in the Ceremony

Students who have earned enough credits to qualify for graduation may participate in the ceremony. Any senior who has not fully met the graduation requirements by the end of the last school day of the school year, will not be eligible to participate in graduation exercises of that school year. If any of your credits are questionable, please see your instructor(s) and counselor immediately. Incompletes must be made up by end of day on May 31st in order to graduate. 

Transcripts After Graduation

Transcripts after Graduation: Students are reminded that for future transcript requests, please send written requests (via email or U.S. mail) to Gwen Rapp in the Guidance Office with your name, year of graduation, and school(s) receiving the transcript.

Graduation Update

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