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Purchasing a Yearbook

We have a new publisher this year, Walsworth Yearbooks. Yearbooks can only be purchased through our publisher’s website: YearbookForever.com. Yearbooks do increase in price as the year continues, so order early for the best price. For the past four years, we have sold out of yearbooks by the end of the year; we cannot guarantee yearbooks will still be available at yearbook distribution during Spring Fling, so we recommend ordering early. Yearbook Pricing: Yearbooks are $80 from June 1 - January 31. Yearbooks are $85 from February 1 - May 10 OR UNTIL SOLD OUT. If additional books are available after that time, they will be for sale at Spring Fling yearbook distribution for $85 cash or check on a first come, first served basis.

Senior Information

It’s already time to start thinking about senior photos! Unlike in underclassmen years where students had their yearbook photo taken only by the school photographer, seniors have the option of submitting a senior photo. If you are not planning to have senior pictures taken or will not have them taken before the deadline (more information below), seniors have the option of using their Jostens photo as their senior photo submission. The photos taken by the school photographer will be automatically submitted to the yearbook staff. If we do not receive a senior photo submission by the deadline, we will use the student’s Jostens photo, if available. If your student is having his/her senior photos taken by a photographer, confirm with your photographer whether he/she will be submitting that photo for you. Recommended DPI is 600 if your photographer asks.

The senior photo requirements have stayed the same as previous years. We are discouraging black and white photos for aesthetic purposes as the book is printed in full color. The photo layouts are vertical. Props, as well as pets or other individuals, are not allowed in photos. Vertical headshots (shoulders and up) are required. Full body shots are not accepted. Princeton High School Yearbook staff has the right to not include photos that do not meet criteria. 

Senior photos are now submitted through the publisher’s website. Click here to navigate to the yearbook snap website. Enter access code: Tigers24. Upload your senior photo. It will ask for your first name, last name, and email as well. This can also be done through the Yearbook Snap app. Here’s a video showing the process. 

Senior salutes are also being accepted. A senior salute includes a baby photo and a note from a loved one to your senior. Each salute is $30 and can be purchased and designed online at www.yearbookforever.com; it might be labeled as “senior ad” on their website. You are able to purchase multiple salutes if desired. Salutes will be printed exactly as you design them on the website. Be sure what you submit is what you want to print; the yearbook staff is not able to alter or edit these submissions. The yearbook staff reserves the right to decline ads that do not meet school guidelines. If you have questions when designing your senior salute, contact Walsworth customer support at 877-723-6344.

The deadline for both senior photos and senior salutes is Wednesday, November 22, 2023. We will not be able to include photos or salutes submitted after that time.

Have Photos to Submit?

If you have photos you would like to submit for possible use in the yearbook, use the “click here to submit a photo” link in the quick links above.

Alumni: Looking for Old Yearbooks?

We do have yearbooks from previous years available for purchase. These are high-school level books only. We do NOT have access to old middle school books. Email the yearbook staff at hsyearbook@isd477.org for pricing and availability.

Senior salute purchase deadline: 

NOVEMBER 22, 2023