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Each year we come up with a theme around Tiger Pride.  This year our theme is Tiger Pride is Worldwide!  We have been talking about other areas of the world and learning about other cultures and connecting that to Tiger Pride.  In the past we have also created music videos.  Here is a link to some of those videos.

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We have been sharing some of the background of what we do with Tiger Pride at the Intermediate School.  Last week we shared the process we use when we experience problem behavior.  This week we will talk a little about how we use data.  We have a Tiger Pride team made up of staff members who evaluate how we are doing as a school with Tiger Pride.  We have staff evaluate our school in four areas - School-wide, Classroom-wide, Non-Classroom areas, and Supporting Individual Students.  We then take that information and use it to help us grow.

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We have been sharing some of the background of what we do with Tiger Pride at the Intermediate School.  We have our expectations and what they look like around the school, which we have shared in earlier updates.  This week we are focusing on how we Respond to Problem behavior.  We follow a flowchart to make decisions when responding to behavior.  Our goal is to have a teaching and learning model in regard to responding to behavior.  We look for natural consequences and avoid excluding students as much as we can.  

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I have heard that there have been some questions about how much time students have to eat their lunch.  We require students to stay at the lunch table at least 11 minutes.  In the past if we didn’t have a minimum amount of time, some students would rush through their lunch or not eat much at all.  Students can stay until they are done eating, but need to stay at least 11 minutes.   

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We continue our Second Step social and emotional lessons this week.  Our 3rd graders will be focused on Understanding Perspectives, our 4th graders will be exploring Understanding Different Perspectives, and our 5th graders will be looking at Accepting Differences.

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Much of this edition is dedicated to our Veterans Day program.

Intermediate School Recognizes Veterans on November 11, 2021. 

This year, we’ll be honoring our Veterans in a different yet meaningful way.  This will be at 10 am on 11/11/21.   Since it is not yet wise to gather as a large group assembly like we used to do, we are planning a parade of cars in our bus parking lots shared with the Primary School.  

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