Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Princeton Public Schools.  All volunteers must apply--please see your building's main office to get started.


Volunteers play a vital and meaningful role in:

● Increasing students’ motivation for learning
● Supporting students academically and socially
● Strengthening school/community relations through positive participation
● Enhancing school programs and activities

Volunteer Expectations

● Be appropriately dressed (no clothing implicating drug/alcohol use or inappropriate language)
● Have a positive, professional attitude
● Be on time with regular attendance
● Use appropriate language
● Enjoy working with staff, students and other volunteers
● Give appropriate notice when canceling your commitment

Volunteer Procedures

● Always sign in at the front desk and obtain a name-tag
● Always wear a name-tag while volunteering
● Arrive at the school at least 5 minutes before your assignment to give yourself time to sign in and get to your destination
● If you are having problems with a student, ask the nearest staff member for assistance
● If you are having problems with a staff member, talk to the office.
● Make outside arrangements for childcare of non-school age children
● Please ask for help if you have questions
● Make appointments to confer with your child’s teacher outside of classroom time, not during your volunteer time

Safety and Liability

● Always work in a public area on site with a student
● Never go off site with a student, or give them a ride in your car
● Teachers and staff are responsible for communication with parents, not volunteers
● Respect confidentiality regarding students, staff and school information. Do not give out personal information
● Respect student privacy (including your own child) by not discussing their classroom performance, behavior, or home life with the student or others
● Should any type of drill or incident happen (fire drill, lockdown, etc) please follow staff member directions for proper procedures

Rights of Volunteers

Volunteers have the right to:
1. Know as much about the school as possible, including its policies, people and programs
2. Be heard, show their perspective and feel free to make suggestions
3. Receive sound guidance from the staff and volunteer coordinator
4. Say ‘no’ to any assignment with which they feel uncomfortable