The Pledge: Own Your Stripes, Strengths & Needs

At Princeton Public Schools, it is our mission to develop in EVERY learner the ability to succeed in an ever changing world, which is why we are asking you to take part in the Princeton Tiger Pledge. If each person can make the 3 pillar pledge, we will be able to do just that - SUCCEED!


Every Tiger has their own STRIPES.
Embrace yours.
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Our STRENGTHS get better when we come together.
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Respect each other's NEEDS.
It's the key to our success.

Make the #PrincetonTigerPledge With Us!

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Post Your Pledge Online

Post it yourself using the hashtag #PrincetonTigerPledge OR fill out this form to submit your Pledge to us. We will post your pledge shortly on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for you to share!

Your Materials

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Take Part in a Pledge Wall or Pillar

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Get involved in a #PrincetonTigerPledge




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