The investment of the proposed plan
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An average homeowner in the district equals $200,000. 

Question 1

If question 1 is approved, the tax impact on an average homeowner would be about $13 a month. 

Question 1 and 2

If both questions are approved the tax impact on an average homeowner would be about $18 a month. 

Want to know your estimated tax impact?

Use this tax calculator to determine Your cost


Are you an agricultural landowner?

Here’s what you should know about the State of Minnesota’s Ag2School tax credit: 

  • Ag2School is a 60% tax credit provided to all agricultural property except the house, garage, and one acre surrounding the agricultural homestead. This is not a tax deduction – it’s a dollar-for-dollar credit and is an automatic tax credit paid directly by the state with no application required.

  • By law, the tax credit is scheduled to increase to 70% by 2023 and remain at 70% for the life of the bond.

Ag2School Tax Credit

Why did the School Board move forward with a referendum?

  • The School Board carefully considered when to propose a plan to community voters, especially with the challenges we’ve experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our School Board postponed the May 2020 referendum to best support our communities. However, our facility needs remain — the same needs identified from the Community Task Force in 2013.

  • Expanding our district’s Career Academies could enhance our relationships with local businesses who have created internship opportunities for students interested in a variety of pathways we offer including IT, digital media, etc. Pathways our district will be able to offer include engineering, business management, health sciences, and more. Every Tiger has their own stripes, and we encourage all students to embrace their own.

  • If approved by voters, the project will be undertaken by construction workers who will be working in our community for extended time periods, which may have positive effects on the local economy.